July 2, 2021

Is AERVIDEO Greenwashing?!

Do you remember the last time a company announced seemingly “major” changes in their operations, just to display a fake sense of sustainability? As you probably know, this is called ‘Greenwashing’.

Numerous large corporations do it, merely to have yet another sales argument to promote in their marketing and not because they actually care about their effects on the environment.

We at AERVIDEO see things differently. From our point of view, climate change is the single most important issue that our generation faces today!

At the same time, however, we’re part of the fundamental problem, as our product (the AER) is made from non-renewable and not compostable resources.

So the starting position couldn’t be much worse. Nevertheless, we refuse to be restrained by the challenge and want to tackle it anyway - in our perspective, there’s no other option!

We took first measures already, such as switching to CO2 emission-free shipping methods and using up-cycled foam for our Spacers. Furthermore, we're working on more durable products with a longer lifetime.

We’re aware those are just minor steps yet, but as the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu put it: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step.”

The road ahead of us is still long and there is no way to hide that we still have a lot to improve. Regardless of that, we want to take you with us on this journey. Even more so, we want to learn from you, too!

Please tell us about your personal experiences on the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Also, feel free to recommend your favorite non-profit organization, fighting for environmental protection. We want to support such initiatives and are thankful for suggestions. Simply reply to this email and I get back to each of you individually.

Really looking forward to sparking a conversation.

Cheers - Kai