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Our instruction manual contains all the info you need to get started with your AER. From the recommended GoPro settings to throwing techniques, you will find it all in here. We've made a mobile-friendly version for you to download directly to your phone:

English Version
German Version


Where are the AERs being shipped from?

We are based in the Netherlands and ship the AERs from our warehouse in Enschede.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. If you have any specific questions, just hit us up.

How long do I have to wait for my AER?

Shipping within the EU, usually takes 3-5 days. Outside Eu, up to two weeks. All packages are send with Track & Trace.

What will be included when I order an AER?

It comes with everything you need:
- Carbon & Open Wing
- AER Head
- Strap
- Spacer
- AER Drawstringbag
- AER Manual

Is there a warranty on AER?

We look at every situation individually. If you run into any issues with your AER or damage it, please just contact us. We always do our best to get you going again as soon as possible.

My Wing has a tear in it, what do I do?

Usually it's easy to fix the AER yourself, in a few simple steps. We recommend using a foam glue, more details about where to get and how to do that, here. Often, a piece of ducttape also does the job.
Alternatively, you can get replacement parts from our shop. (As long as the supplies last.)

How can I keep my AER clean?

You can simply rinse it off with water. Also soap is okay to use, if needed.

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