May 4, 2021

Co-Creation at AERVIDEO: Involving our customers into our design and production processes

by Levin Pablo

Co-Creation is another one of those buzzwords that sounds fancy, but isn’t tangible for a lot of us. What does it really mean and how is AERVIDEO implementing Co-Creation?

“Co-Creation is the idea of actively involving our community into the process of creating and optimizing our products.”

We see the AERFORCE, our global community of customers and enthusiasts, as an incredible resource. We have community members all over the world and with all kinds of different backgrounds. One thing we all have in common: We see ourselves as creatives and are passionate about new perspectives.

Co-Creation is our approach of engaging this community into our design and creation activities. It’s fun, it’s effective and it enables us to turn customer insights into tangible prototypes that bring fresh and innovative ideas. We want to use co-creation as a tool for developing products that our community loves while engaging them and making them part of the process. We’re enthusiastic about this approach and see it as an integral part of our product development process. In fact, our founder Pablo even wrote a scientific research paper about the topic.

What this looks like in detail varies depending on the specific project and the involved co-creators. Our ‘AER Head for Osmo - DIY 3D Print Bundle’ is the first of hopefully many Co-Creation projects yet to come. It started off as a collaboration between us and Dr. Chun Keat Yew, an AERFORCE Community member from the UK. He asked whether the AER is also compatible with his action cam, the ‘DJI OSMO ACTION’. When we told him that unfortunately it isn’t, he didn’t give up and simply re-designed the AER Head.

We got to know CK as an open-minded engineer with a passion for solving design problems. We had a few great conversations in video calls and perfectionized the design of the AER Head for DJI Osmo. Once it was done, we agreed that we should make it also available to everyone else - that was the start of this Co-Creation project.

We’re stoked to kick off this Co-Creation project now. For a small fee of 5 €, everyone can get the 3D file of the AER Head and print it at home. Along with it, we will send you the AER Bumper made from EPP foam and an adhesive sticker to attach the Bumper to the printed Head.

This is only the beginning, we’re looking forward to organizing many more Co-Creation projects going forward. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of this global maker movement. We’re going towards a future, in which it’s not just big corporations which can produce products, but everybody can be part of it. Instead of shipping physical goods around the globe, the designers can sell and distribute digital files and the consumers can print their own products in their homes. We’re thrilled to be among the first companies to do so.

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