The ultimate GoPro accessory.

The ultimate GoPro accessory.

From the very start AER has been designed around the GoPro. We made it our mission to create a product that fits the action camera perfectly: The sleek aerodynamic wings ensure a long and stable flight while the foam bumper protects your camera.

Go Aerial.

Go Aerial.

Drones really opened our eyes to cool new perspectives on the world. This time, it’s your turn: With AER every GoPro enthusiast becomes a master of aerials. No batteries, no danger, no hassle, no empty wallet. Just stunning aerial footage accompanied by the experience of a lifetime!


Which GoPros are compatible with AER?

AER fits the GoPro HERO 3+, HERO 4, HERO 5 and HERO 6. When using AER with the HERO 5 or 6, please make sure to use the ‘Spacer’ to ensure a tight fit.

Where can I use AER?

Generally speaking, it’s safe to use AER on any soft surface. Those include water, snow, sand and soft grass fields. Do not use AER on asphalt, rocks or similar hard surfaces.

Which settings are recommended for shooting video?

We recommend always going for the highest resolution and frame rate possible. That allows you to slow down the footage when editing. On the HERO 6 that means 1080p resolution in 240 fps. On the HERO 5 and HERO 4 Black it's 1080p with 120 fps. For the HERO 4 Silver and HERO 3+ we recommend 1080p resolution with 60 fps.

Which settings are recommended for shooting photos?

Burstmode with 30 photos / 6 seconds or 30 photos / 3 seconds.

How do I start a burst or video without having to disassemble AER every time?

Voicecontrol makes it super easy to do that, simple say “GoPro, start Burst!” or “GoPro, start/stop Video” and the GoPro will take care of the rest. If you don’t have the HERO 5 or HERO 6, we recommend using the GoPro Capture App or one of the available remotes.

Does AER float in water?

Yes, it does! Have fun at the beach!

I seem to have blocked corners in my photos, what’s up with that?

This can happen when using AER with the HERO 5. Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for this at the moment. But with Apps like Snapseed (Android or iPhone) it is really easy to fix that when editing the photo.

What is the black rubber square for?

The ‘Spacer’ ensures a tight fit for the GoPro HERO 5. Simply lay it on top of your GoPro’s touchscreen before assembling AER. When using AER with the HERO 4 or HERO 3+, the ‘Spacer’ is not needed.

I can’t manage to screw/unscrew the head of my AER, what now?

Please screw the head on completely (get some help from a buddy if needed) and let AER assembled for at least 24 hours. This pushes in the foam and makes it a lot easier to screw and unscrew the head. Please always keep AER assembled while it’s not in use.

I lost my Strap/Spacer, how can I get a new one?

You can order a new one in our shop.

How can I clean AER?

You can simply rinse it off with water. Also soap is okay to use, if needed.

How can I catch AER without hurting my hands?

Just like throwing, catching AER is a matter of practise. Start with easy, low throws and slowly increase the height. When catching, try to grab the Head of AER with both hands and decrease the momentum by giving into the fall instead of keeping your arms stiff.

Is there a trick to these high and accurate AER shots?

No, just loads of practise. The more you do it, the higher and more accurate your throws will become.

It’s super windy, what do I do now?

Strong winds are an enemy of AER. If possible, try throwing in the same direction as the wind is blowing. You will be surprised on how far you can throw all of a sudden.

The carbon fibre rod of my AER has cracks in it, is that a problem?

Make sure you securely tighten the strap. This will prevent the carbon from damaging any further.

A part of the screwing threat of my AER has snapped off, what do I do?

Without an intact screwing thread you need to be really careful when using AER. The head might disconnect on impact and your GoPro could fall out. We advise you to order a replacement part. Alternatively, if you have the broken off piece, you can try to glue it yourself. We found that UHU POR works great for that.

My Wing has a tear in it, what do I do?

We recommend buying a new Wing from our replacement parts. Alternatively, you can try to fix it yourself with some duct tape. We have done that in the past, and it usually works fine. ( Please note, if doing so, we are not responsible for any damages that may result from it.)

One of my Wings broke, what now?

That’s too bad! You can order a replacement wing here. Or try glueing it with some UHU POR glue, we found that this usually works quite well.

A part of my bumper snapped off, what do I do?

In order to properly protect your GoPro the bumper of AER is essential. That’s why we strongly advise you to order a replacement Head . Alternatively, you could try gluing the missing piece back on with super glue or something similar. Please note, if doing so, we are not responsible for any damages that may result from it.