After many thrilling years developing products and throwing GoPros®, we’ve decided to stop the development and sale of our products.

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shop the last aers

If you're still looking to get your hands on one of the last AERs ever, head on over to our friends from camforpro.

Down under?

If you're located in Australia or New Zealand, you can get one of the last AERs from our friends at LiveToAdventure

What is aervideo?

The easiest way to get dynamic aerial footage. No batteries, no hassle, no empty wallet. Established in 2016. Thousands of customers, from over 80 different countries have thrown their GoPros® with AER.






community highlights

You folks made this more than a business. You made it a movement. Throwing expensive cameras seemed like a bad idea when we started. Thanks to you, the AERFORCE community, throwing GoPros® is a thing now. Thousands of people from all over the world have thrown their GoPros® to get unique aerial footage. These are a few of the highlights.


The AERFORCE community voted monthly on Instagram - these are a few of the past winners:
Molly Carlson
RedBull Cliffdiving
Starwin Narkthongpet


In May 2020 we asked the AERFORCE community to edit our next Highlight Reel. We were overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of edits we have received, thank you!


“the idea of actively involving our community into the process of creating and optimizing our products.”
We're not actively posting anymore, but check out our IG for more AERshots from our community.


AER works with all these GoPros:

frequently asked questions

Can I still buy an AER?

Yes, as of today (May 3, 2023) there are still a few units available at CAM-FOR-PRO. 

If you're located in Australia or New Zealand you can get one of the last AERs from LIVE TO ADVENTURE.

Which GoPros are compatible with AER?

The latest AERs are compatible with:

GoPro® Hero 11
GoPro® Hero 10
GoPro® Hero 9 Black
GoPro® Hero 8
GoPro® Hero 7 Black
GoPro® Hero 7 White
GoPro® Hero 7 Silver
GoPro® Hero 6
GoPro® Hero 5
GoPro® Hero 4
GoPro® Hero 3+

The AERs are not compatible with the 'HERO 11 Black Mini' and the 'Max Lens Mod'.

Please note that older version of AER have a more limited compatibility.

What about the AER 2.0?

The AER 2.0 was a completely redesigned version of the AER, which we developed but never had a chance to mass-produce and sell.. The plan at the time was to launch in together with the AER TYP on Kickstarter. We're now thinking about going 'open-source' and releasing the 3D files to the public for free, alongside instruction on how to build your own. Are you interested in that? If yes, send us an email: info@aervideo.com

What about the AER TYP?

The AER 'Throw Your Phone' was our attempt of making aerial footage available for practically everyone. Inspired by the design of the original AER, we developed a product to throw phones safely. The prototypes worked and looked great and we eventually launched on Kickstarter in September 2021. Unfortunately, the campaign was not as successful as we had hoped, so we decided to cancel the campaign after two weeks. You can read more about it in this blog post.

I have damaged my AER. What can I do?

As of May 1st, 2023 we, unfortunately, can't offer any further support. Depending on what exactly happened you might be able to fix the AER yourself. We’ve found that ‘UHU POR’ works great for gluing the Wings - but good ol’ duct tape also does the job, if that’s all you got. In this PDF you can find some additional information about fixing your AER.

Alternatively you can also get replacement parts from cam-for-pro. Please note that there is very limited stock available.

Does the AER float?

Sure thing! Thanks to the lightweight foam material, AER is buoyant and floats on the surface. Have fun at the beach.

How do I start a burst or video once the GoPro is in the AER head?

Voicecontrol for the win! Simple say “GoPro, start Burst!” or “GoPro, start/stop Video” and the GoPro will take care of the rest. (HERO 5 and newer)

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