The ultimate GoPro accessory.

The ultimate GoPro accessory.

From the very start AER has been designed around the GoPro. We made it our mission to create a product that fits the action camera perfectly: The sleek aerodynamic wings ensure a long and stable flight while the foam bumper protects your camera.

Go Aerial.

Go Aerial.

Drones really opened our eyes to cool new perspectives on the world. This time, it’s your turn: With AER every GoPro enthusiast becomes a master of aerials. No batteries, no danger, no hassle, no empty wallet. Just stunning aerial footage accompanied by the experience of a lifetime!




Which GoPros are compatible with AER?

AER fits the GoPro Hero 3+, Hero 4 Silver/Black, and HERO 5.

How do I keep my GoPro safe?

AER is made crash proof for use on snow, beaches, water and grass. A GoPro camera is very tough, and AER adds another layer of protection that also keeps it stable in the air, and makes it float on water. Make sure AER does not land on hard surfaces to avoid damage to your AER or camera.

When will you start shipping?

The first batch (order numbers up to #2426) will be shipped by the end of May. The second batch of AERs is expected to ship in fall 2017.

What if I break AER?

During an intense session of shooting with AER, casualties are sometimes unavoidable. If something breaks, you will be able to order replacement parts separately. These will be added to this online store before we start shipping.

What material is AER made out of?

The head is made from Polypropylene. The bumper and the wings are Expanded Polypropylene. Did you know AER is produced with 100 % renewable energy?

What material is the AERbag made out of?

The AERbag is made from water-resistant and durable nylon.