November 30, 2020

New perspectives for your beloved ones - Our Gift Guide for Creatives

by the AERVIDEO Team

This blog post is different - it’s not about us, no startup insights, no unconventional business methods, no entrepreneurial advice. Next to our own creations, we also love to discover other inspiring brands, products and creative minds.

This year has been rough for all of us. We’re here to help you make the best out of the holiday season, so 2020 can end on a good note. Since we’re always on the hunt for ‘new perspectives’, we’ve got a pretty good overview about different brands, products and offers out there on the sometimes overwhelming market. If your beloved ones are anything like us (GoPro fanatics or generally interested in photo-/videography) this shortlist with some of our favourite products will come in handy while shopping for gifts this year.

GDome - underwater dome housing for action cameras & smartphones

You might’ve already stumbled across one of those incredible split shots in your Instagram feed. This effect is achieved is by using an underwater dome housing- namely GDome. The gap between the camera lens and dry dome port keeps the water further away from the camera's lens. This results in clean & sharp images with that cool surface split. With their new GDome Mobile, it now even works with your smartphone!

Nu-Bear - a floating 4 in 1 tripod grip for your GoPro

Our friends at Nu-Bear successfully launched their first product this summer on Indiegogo. The ‘most versatile action camera grip’ allows you to use it as a normal grip, floatie, tripod or as a pole. Multi-functionality for the win! The demand this young company is experiencing is so high, that they're having trouble keeping up. So your order might not make it in time for the holidays, but it'll be worth the wait!

Moment - every filmmakers heaven

What do Youtube Creators like Willem Verbeeck and Colin & Samir have in common? They both share their insights and experience in a Moment Lesson. Moment, one of the coolest brands in the modern world of photography and filmmaking, offers a great variety of those lessons ranging from topics like 'Youtube Storytelling' to 'Video Editing' and everything in between. Online lessons are a perfect gift for those who (seemingly) already have all the gear they could possibly need.

fpolev - it’s not a drone, it’s a giant selfie stick

Steven Donovan, another good friend, who, by the way, created one of the sickest AER shots ever, invented the ‘fpolev’ - a giant selfie stick. By moving a 360 camera attached to the pole around an acting person, it creates unreal videos which seem to be taken by a drone. Reach out to him via Instagram if you're interested.

RETO3D - real wiggle photography

You might have stumbled upon these wiggle photos on your Instagram feed already. The technique isn’t anything new. In fact, back in 1989 the Nikita N8000 was released - a film camera with not one, not two, nor three, but four lenses side by side. By animating those four shots together, you can create this 3D effect. Today, of course, there are several apps available that simulate it. Although the convenience of an app is nice, it takes away the great process of shooting on film, getting it developed, and finally seeing the result. The original Nikita became somewhat of a collectors item and is therefore overpriced, but no worries: The folks at RETO3D have created an updated version of the concept. A simple, light 35mm film camera with 3 lenses. It’s easy, it’s fun and the results are real analog wiggle photos. It’s also great as a first film camera for someone who doesn’t have any experience in analog photography yet.

Happy holidays, enjoy your time off and spent it well (with your family, friends and GoPro), 

the AER-team

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