We, the AERFORCE, are a group of content creators who like to go the extra mile to get the shot. We enjoy stepping out of our comfort zone and we like to challenge the traditional rules of filmmaking. We’re always stoked to welcome new members to our mission,
come and join us!

The adventure film legends and fellow GoPro enthusiasts from DevinSuperTramp had to quickly get a GoPro down a mountain. And they did it in best way possible: Combining epic action sports and throwing GoPros. See the final result here.

Community Member Tommy Miller got creative with is AER and modified it into a followcam. He got this incredible footage whilst 'swooping' - a special discipline of skydiving.

We love it, Tommy!

Chris Rogers has been killing it with his GoPro content on YouTube since forever. In this video he shows the behind the scenes of how he won the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge. AER was one of the tools he used and we're stoked to be a part of it - Thanks Bro!


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and many more!


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